About the Comic

RetroBlade is a long-form Science Fantasy Comic.
It features Time Travel and symbiotic forces known as Augments.

Genres:  Science Fantasy, Adventure, Action, Comedy       Estimated Rating: PG-13



In the year 3007 a reality crash has wiped everything out, and the last known survivor Axel Kepler is working his way backwards through time, trying to figure out where it all went wrong.
With a severely out of touch Database, a Transmutation Device for food (that, if anything, makes molecules less edible than they were before) and only a cryptic Blueprint left by his sister to guide him, he needs help...

He needs a Team.

Together, they will find out how to fix things, who the good guys really are... and why people from the future have such cheesy haircuts.

'Meanwhile', a few millennia earlier... a young boy named Magnus is bestowed with remarkable powers he was never meant to have, and chooses not to save the world with them.

Thank goodness for rose-tinted specs...


RetroBlade is written and illustrated by Freya Horn.

Pencils / Bonus 3D: Abel Samez

Spanish Translation: Enistoja   PR Help: Gemma-Marie Cox

Web Hosting & Wizardry: Will Powa

Proofreading / Feedback

Fia Tjernberg
Holly Thea
Mel & John Marsh
Anthony Hillman
The Cox Family
Ole Jacob Kielland
Drew Crow Star
Ian Purdy
Alyssa Alecci

Special Thanks

All our friends and family, for your encouragement,
Our Patrons, whose support keeps RetroBlade online
and especially you, our readers. Thank you. <3