First page of 2016! 😀
Aaaand the story resumes with everyone's favourite Director. *troll face*

Hope you guys all had a nice break?

So here's something new- RetroBlade is now on Tapastic!
This is a website/app for webcomics and is especially well designed for mobile users, so if you're reading the comic on your phone or tablet this will work well:


The latest updates will always be right here at the main site, though!

This week's Spider Forest comic:



A webcomic with an Indian mythology theme, (which in our opinion adds instant credulity) Kinnari is a Hindu/Buddhist term, meaning something like "slightly human". The story follows the adventures of a young girl named Manu and her guardian Neel, whom is bound by a promise to protect her.

If you like Indian mythology and/or stories with a rich variety of characters based on a solid foundation, this is for you!