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"Yup, there's time travel in this! And who doesn't love time travel?!"
-Emmett A Hamilton III, founder of Creative D.I.Y.


"This series is a lot of fun to read. The art is pretty much flawless. These pages are rendered with an amount of detail that is very satisfying."
-Paul Schmitt, Gargantuan Media

Press Kit:

RetroBlade is a long-form, science fantasy webcomic.
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Creator: Freya Horn
Genre: Science Fantasy, Adventure
Estimated Rating: PG-13
Launched: 17th April 2015
Updates: Weekly (Fridays)

Short synopsis:
Join a team of time-traveling misfits on their adventures, as they quest to restore reality!

Twitter: @retrobladecomic
Facebook: /retrobladecomic
Email: retrobladecomic ((at)) gmail ((dot)) com