One week before launch, and check it out- our first piece of Fan Art:


This is Kit, one of the main characters in the story who will be appearing later on.

The artist, Oteibilitz on DeviantArt, drew her here in 5 minutes flat!

Flex that mechanical arm 🙂

We love Fan Art. Love it. If you want to make some, please do!

There will be a Fan Art Gallery on the site eventually, so early submissions will get prime place and a link to your site. Email us if you'd like to take part.


Other Stuff:

As well as preparing for launch we're working on lots of other things, including modelling RetroBlade characters in 3D:



The plan is to eventually get them made into figurines; something we've always wanted to do, and that modern 3D printing technology makes possible (and hopefully, affordable).

Either way, it's super fun to see the characters realised in this way and we'll be excited to share screen-shots of the final models with you all!

We've also been tweaking the website further, so expect to see new elements appearing in the next few days. The most obvious changes are to the Menu Bar and some extra pages that have been added.

Good times ahead!