Hey everyone, it's been a while, here's what's new:


We got another Kit fan art, whoop! She popular.

How cool is her mechanical arm here? It's based on a motorcycle carburetor. Creative.

Also, she has a banjo. A freakin' BANJO. (She's more of a bassist kinda gal but I'm going with this).

This fantastic illustration is by John Marsh, go check him out and give his facebook page a like!

In other news:

Zazzle Shop


We've joined the hordes at Zazzle, so if you fancy getting your mitts on some unique RetroBlade merchandise you won't find anywhere else, take a look here.


Site Changelog

  • The Archives have been blinged out again, this time with thumbnails for each page
  • Two new voting incentives since the last news update
    (We're probably going to put past incentives in the gallery- most of them anyway.)
  • We have a cast page now!
  • Added a shop section to the site


Scheduled Updates

  • We will be adding new voting incentives at the beginning of each month.
  • The Cosmos Page will have all the things.
  • The Gallery will actually exist!