Lawl, Axel and Gus. Gus keeping Axel in a friendly choke-hold. They're best buds really. He wouldn't *actually* kill him. I think.


Thank you for waiting forever, I posted a big update/details on Patreon (and a small one on Twitter), but tl;dr version: life sucks sometimes and when it sucks bad enough, it can stop you making comics.

Things are much better now, though. We moved overseas and live in the UK now! New job, new home, new friends, new life, the whole shebang. Big changes!

However, I'm pretty bogged down with work and life stuff these days (in a good way?), so probably won't be able to keep up with weekly updates, at least for now, but I'll certainly try to update as often as I can. This comic means the world to me, but kinda' need to pay bills and eat before I can make it, which is quite tiresome, but such is life. We'll get there.

Again, thanks so much for sticking around! <3 It feels SO GOOD to be posting this.
PS- This page was meant to be posted last Friday, but I failed to schedule it before going away on a camping trip where there was absolutely no internet. So, um...oops. It is officially Friday today, k?