This year has been really challenging all round and it's quite hard during these times, if not impossible, to just carry on as normal. Apologies for the lack of updates, I lost my job recently, and with all the craziness in the world it's been very hard to focus on the comic. I'll do my best to continue updating as often as I can.

How are you guys doing? I hope everyone is ok and staying safe and healthy. Hang in there <3

Whoop whoop! New page!!!
Never mind saving the universe, just GO TO BED ALL OF YOU

The dialogue for this one took AGES, which is weird, because normally that flows.
I think it's a pacing issue, trying to wrap up a scene while simultaneously having the characters reveal a ton of new info and connecting threads, it was a really difficult thing to balance and I'm still not entirely happy with it >_> but we're getting there. *DREAM TEAM ACTIVATE*

I've started uploading designs to Redbubble, including some RetroBlade merch!
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