Axel gets his head hacked XD

We're having a Black Friday sale over on Gumroad this weekend!
In other news- I forgot to feature a Spider Forest comic last week....tsk tsk.
To make up for it this week I'm featuring two:


This comic is pretty popular and for good reason, the art is gorgeous and the story draws you in really quickly. For anyone that enjoys vampires, dhampirs, succubi and other supernatural beings this is a must read! (currently on hiatus but back in January, there's loads to archive binge on anyways).

Out of my Element:

This comic takes place in a Steampunk world, which is interesting enough... but then add to the mix Elemental beings and you get something much fresher! (Or earthier...more fiery? Ah you get the idea!). The website has just recently been revamped too and looks amazing, go check it out!

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