AHA! BUSTED, Director M! Or should that be, former Director. He's in deep trouble now...

I'm hoping this page gives you all a bit more insight into Rin and her motives. There is so much to reveal, I'm bursting to just blurt some things out but it's too soon for most of it. Some things will soon be explained though ^_^
Those guards will be telling their grandchildren about the events of this day... (If they live through it).

In other news: I got interviewed again! It's pretty in-depth this time, covering inspirations and some background on how RetroBlade came about. So yeah, go see! (if you like)


This week’s Spider Forest comic:


Cursed, exiled and with her entire nation destroyed, the only way Syrma has to survive is to find the manner to kill the Moon Goddess. And her time is running out…

This comic is beautifully rendered, and with a good sized archive to dive into. Recommended!

Rating: Teen 13+ for nudity and violence.

Go check them out, say hi, tell them RetroBlade sent you 😀