Oh, Axel. She already thinks you're nuts, this is NOT going to help :')

So, yeah. Looks like they got their stuff back! Whoop! Lots of shinyness. (If that first panel was a Zelda treasure chest, how many rupees do you think that would be worth? Not too shabby...)

OMFG that bike. THE DETAILS. I get so carried away. I forget this is a webcomic and I'm supposed to make more of these things. Like, lots more.
Have to try to keep it simpler in future >.<  

Oh yeah, it's the beginning of the month, which is prime voting time!



This week’s Spider Forest comic:

Gemutations- Plague:

Plague is an anthro (Anthropromorphic) comic centering around shark mutants and their cybernetic allies, who combine forces in order to find the source of a mutagenic plague.

Rating: Mature Audiences

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