So launch happened, nothing broke, everything worked as planned. We hope you guys are enjoying what you've seen so far.

There are 15 published pages to date. That's not really much to sink your teeth into yet but there's been some cool publicity, including being featured on the front page of Webcomics Guide and bagging the title of Rising Stars on Comic Rocket, with 50+ subscribers on there already!

Retroblade is also a featured comic available to read on the Webcomics Now App.


So, all in all, not a bad start and we're excited to see where this leads when there are, ohh, 150 pages. 1500 pages...15000 pa-


Site Changelog:

  • The Archives page has been prettied up a bit with proper sections and chapters
  • The About>Info page was completed (a while ago)
  • The comments system was updated to Disqus
  • Various widgets added


Scheduled Updates

So, so many plans, but here are the things most likely to be implemented first:

  • The Cast page.
  • The Top Webcomics voting incentive will be updated (vote now if you want the current wallpaper!)
  • We intend to add a silly section to the Gallery, called Gallery of Derp or something similar. (This will be for all the webcomic bloopers and art fails that wouldn't otherwise see the light of day).
  • RetroBlade will soon be available in Spanish!

All this (and more) will be added sometime after we get back from vacations in 2 weeks 😎 until then, enjoy the new comic pages and see you on the other side!