Happy Halloween! What an amazing time! Pumpkins, candy, costumes, spooky stuff, jam...October is the best month. We hope you enjoyed the Halloween gif for this weeks update (new page next week).

We were at London MCM Comic Con last weekend, chatting with other comics creators, admiring the masses and masses of shiny things, and giving out free RetroBlade swag:



If you were there and got a sticker (or even rarer, a business card) count yourself as one of the lucky few because they all disappeared super fast.

We also had the pleasure of meeting the creators of these:

And some former uni pals were there as well:

So, so many shiny things. Go see them.

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 Scheduled Updates

  • There will be a new voting incentive up soon…
  • The Cosmos Page will have all the things.
  • The Gallery will actually exist!