Season's greets, everyone!

Are you enjoying Chapter One? Who's your favourite character so far?
(Come on, don't lie...we all know it's Director M đŸ˜‰ ).

Call for Fan Art

We've added a Gallery section to the site, and we want YOUR fan art in it!
Festive themes are welcome, but not obligatory! All submissions will bag a permanent feature spot, with a link back to your own site/page or blog.
(You also have the added bonus of making us melt into a puddle of happy goo).

There's no deadline for submissions, but those we receive this year will get a front page feature.
"So where do I send my amazing fan art?" you cry? Email it to us, Tweet us a link, or post your submissions on our Facebook wall, including your name and the site you want us to link to (no affiliate links though, please!).
In other news- we've just completed work on a Christmas-themed children's ebook. We've been
working on this one for a while. It's so good to have it completed at last- and just in time!

Here's some rad music inspired by the book, produced by our talented friend, Drew Crow Star:

If you weren't in a festive mood before, you will be now!
The eBook is available on Gumroad.
That's about it- Happy Holidays and enjoy the rest of 2015 đŸ™‚

Site Changelog

NB- You may have noticed the comic area appearing over this blog (this happened after updating Comic Easel).
It's a small issue we're in the process of fixing, but this will involve adding a new feature to the site first.

A lot of new stuff has been added over the last month or so, including:

The Archives were also revamped (again!).

 Scheduled Updates

There are more updates planned, as always:

  • Add a landing page to the site
  • Finish the Gallery (with added Fan Art!)
  • Update the Cast page with the new characters from Chapter One!