Thank you all so much for your patience! <3
2017 was, quite possibly, my WORST YEAR EVER. I was going to write a long post about how awful it was, but I'd rather just forget about it all. (Maybe I'll elaborate later on when the horror has faded a bit). Thank goodness for comics.

Here's to bigger, better,, things, ahead 🙂


2017 eiwAwards

2018 has already started on a high note- RetroBlade won an award!! SO PROUD

The eiwAwards are a yearly webcomics event, and this year, the People's Choice Award is open to ALL webcomics. So, if you'd like to vote for your favourite webcomic, you can do so here >>> LINK <<<

(I won't push you guys to vote for RetroBlade...but if you do I will love you forever XD).

Bright and shiny things ahead! -Stay tuned for the story to resume-