That was a close shave, Axel... way too close....

Style Shift

Because of this more efficient style, I was able to post today's page early!

I've decided I'm spending way too long making comic pages. Some of you may have seen me talking about this on Twitter, but I've been experimenting with new pencils and inks and trying to speed up my process, and I came to this conclusion:

Less is more.

Some of the most engaging comics have the simplest styles, these are the most elegant ones, because they're telling the story in it's rawest form without any need for embellishment or superficiality.
When it comes to comics, the main thing is communication. You guys just want to see what happens next, right?

This was a difficult decision to make because I've been working on becoming a better artist for almost my entire life, and I hate to feel like that time is wasted... but perhaps, like Picasso, this is a new mode of artistic expression and I've levelled up.
I mean, everyone starts with realism because that's just copying exactly what you see. The more abstract an image, the more authentic the meaning behind it becomes.

I hope you'll agree that this style is better since it leaves more to the imagination.

SpiderForest News

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