If you ever wondered how the love-child of Chun-Li and Edmond Honda would look, check out the last panel :') with a bit of morbidity thrown in for good measure.

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  • $2+ Tiers will now have extra behind the scenes content, such as sketches, inks, scripts, and concept art. (These are the "Universal Plans" I mentioned on Twitter and Facebook).

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This week's Spider Forest comic:


Chirault :

Chirault follows the adventures of Teeko, a young half-demon, and her unlikely companion Kiran, a shy demon hunter. Teeko has been driven from her home and is suffering from a curse that has shrunk her to the size of a doll, and Kiran aids her in her quest to return to her normal size.

Rating: Teen

Beautiful traditionally drawn and inked pages, this comic is well worth checking out!